Manually extend App 

platforms and versions support

Make Apps work with old & new AutoCAD® versions (64-bit only)

If the Apps are build for recent AutoCAD® 64-bit versions, then it is likely to be compatible with older versions (2014 - 2024 64-bit), or even compatible with newer version.

Also, if Apps can run in AutoCAD® platform, then it should work properly in all AutoCAD® verticals (aka AutoCAD® platform-based applications)

This short article will show you, how to remove the versions limit and platform limit of an App.

Though this action won't do any harm to your system, it's should be aware that tip may not  always work.


Windows 64 bit, AutoCAD® 64-bit, version 2014 or later

An App from Autodesk App Store that works properly for at least one version from 2018 to 2024

Administrator privilege to edit file in "%ProgramData%" folder

How to:  

Open Explorer, navigate to "%ProgramData%\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\", open an App subfolder 

Open the "PackageContents.xml" file by a text editor (Notepad++ recommended)

Find the row with key words <RuntimeRequirements SupportPath="./Contents/" OS="Win64"

Replace old Platform value with "AutoCAD*"

Delete the block "SeriesMin = .... SeriesMax = "

Save the file, and start AutoCAD to see if the App is launched and works properly

When to apply:

Some good Apps are dropped or not updated in-time.  Users want to use those Apps with new AutoCAD® versions/ platform based applications.  For example Massimo Cicognani has decided to stop updating his great Apps for 2023 AutoCAD® versions.

An user with a permanent old version AutoCAD license would like to try his luck with new, powerful Apps;


Restore the old "PackageContents.xml" in case mod action failed.

This is a mod action and not supported by the App publisher nor Autodesk® staffs.

For example: For the above image, the result after edited should be

<RuntimeRequirements SupportPath="./Contents/" OS="Win64" Platform="AutoCAD*" />