Prevent Automatic payment of Subscription App

Based on duration, Autodesk® App Store provides 2 types of licenses: permanent and subscription.

Here comes the potential problem, not every customer is aware of that automatic payment of subscription license type.


1. App(s) cannot connect with Microsoft® Excel®

NTCL Soft's Apps can work with offline versions of Microsoft® Excel® both 32-bit and 64-bit, including Excel 365 Click-To-Run version.  However, in some case, App(s) can't open Excel® application.

A Quick Repair action for Office 365 will fix that error


2. Make Apps work with more old & new AutoCAD® versions (64-bit only)

If the Apps are build for recent AutoCAD® 64-bit versions, then it is likely to be compatible with older versions (2014 - 2024 64-bit), or even compatible with newer version.

Also, if Apps can run in AutoCAD® platform, then it should work properly in all AutoCAD® verticals (aka AutoCAD® platform-based applications)

But in most case, such wide-range compability is narrowed. It's you, that may "unbox the treasure" by a simple text edit action.