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The ultimate package for batch processing Block references with the assistance of Microsoft® Excel® AutoFill.

The package combines 3 NTCL published apps with some enhanced features which are not available in the free version.

Block refs. attributes, dynamic props... Excel

Multi file version, processing speed boost 10x-20x faster

Simple solution for complicated Title block automation filling  (usually solved with sheet set fields before)

Multi files processing mode: it's not necessary to open drawing on-screen or manually select Excel data range, just add files to the list, fill in parameters per file, then export or import.

From version 1.1.0, a new option "Single worksheet" is provided to allow users combining all title block attributes from hundreds of single-sheet drawings into ONE worksheet; No more puzzling Sheet set fields... Excel Autofill will do that for you.


For active drawing processing, the drawing should be active, Excel data range should be pre-selected before export or import.

Free version without Multi file mode & slower speed is published here.

Excel Block refs. with attributes, dynamic props.

Support up to 12 attributes, 12 dynamic properties, 

existing block ref.'s fields cloning, Civil 3D ® alignment ...

Batch Insert block references of multi types at one click

Block references positioning modes: (1) Positioned by Station, Elevation on profile view;  (2) Positioned by X, Y coordinates;  (3)  Positioned by Station, Offset along a 2D polyline;  (4) Positioned by Station, Offset along a Civil 3D alignment;

Additional block references. information/ properties: (1) up to 12 attributes; (2) up to 12 dynamic properties are filled-in during insertion with data read from Excel columns;

Additional utilities: Clone attributes' fields from an existing block references to others;

Free version with only 3 attributes supported, no dynamic properties, no field cloning, no Civil 3D alignment ... is published here.

Civil 3D Alignment Station, Offset, Northing, Easting Excel

Station equation supported  (Command available only in Civil 3D)

Batch inquiry Station, Offset / Northing, Easting values from Civil 3D alignment

Known Station, Offset Ask for Northing, Easting  and vice versa

Support alignments with complex station equations.

Free version without station equation support ... is published here.