NTCL Soft's Privacy Policy


1.Data collected by NTCL Soft

  1. All the data collected by Autodesk App Store (Email, Full Name, Job Title, Company Name, Country, payment information) during App downloading will remain confidential and It will used only for statistics purposes or communication with the user. Also It may be used to inform about new applications or promotions.

  2. For paid App, NTCL Soft collect additional data for building license

    • Computer ID: an unique encoded string that derive from serial number of some computer hardware components. It is used for Computer-based license;

    • Serial number: a random string create by the App. It is used for recognizing which App is installed;

    • Domain name: Computer DNS Domain. It is reserved for bulk license created base on network domain. For individual license, domain name is not required and not collected by default;

    • Customer email: It is used for return license file to customer;

  3. How additional data is collected

Any additional data collection is explicitly shown and aware by users.

When customer open the About... form in each App, he/she can click on the "Copy Info" button. By click "Copy info" the information (described in 1.2) is copy to clipboard. Customer will then manually send those information to NTCL Soft.

2.Data sharing with third party

NTCL Soft won't share the data collected to any third party, and within our organization we guarantee the same data protection.

3.Data retention and deletion policies

NTCL Soft will keep records of data as long as the App remains published in Autodesk App Store. After the App is deleted from Autodesk App Store, all the data collected will be deleted.

4.Procedures for data deletion request

Customer send a request for data deletion from his or her email to NTCL Soft support email.

NTCL Soft will respond to the request in 30 day(s) since NTCL Soft received data deletion request.