License registration guide

Free license

Apps (Macro) with free license are not required to do any registration

Trial license

Apps (Macro) with trial license are valid for 30 days since the first installation date.

Apps (Macro) with trial license are not required to do any registration.

Trial Apps may not be fully functional.

Paid license

In order to get a valid license, please click open About... form, click "Copy info" button to send users' computer unique ID to clipboard, then send the information to our support email:

A valid paid license file will be sent to user's email address within 14 days. During waiting for license file, App still runs with full functions.

In order to load license from NTCL Soft, please open About form, click the "Load license file..." button, find the downloaded license file and open it. The license is then saved and reloaded automatically each time you call out the App.

It is recommended to restart the App after the first time license load.

Paid App: Send registration information to

Paid App: Load license file

How paid License works

  • Paid licenses are Computer hardware dependent: Each paid license is valid only on a specific registered physical computer (Desktop, Laptop). Virtual machine is not accepted as a valid physical computer.

  • NTCL Soft reserves the right to limit App functions if its App runs on a Virtual machine.

  • License duration: Apps (Macro) with paid license may be of 1-month duration, 1-year duration or perpetual license, typically.

Additional user rights

  • An user with single paid license can request for 1 (one) additional license in case his/her physical computer is wrecked and he/she would like to use this App on his/her new physical computer. The additional license request must be at least 2 months after purchase date. The additional request must be sent from user's registered email address (see definition below).

  • For purchasing volume of 50 or more licenses, assuming that all physical computers work in the same local domain network, a specific domain-based license may be distributed instead of individual licenses if required and technically feasible.

User's registered email address

  • User's registered email address is the email address that included in his/her first license request.

  • User's registered email address is used as customer identification. Request from non-registered email address may not be processed by NTCL Soft, therefore it is recommended that user should not use company email to purchase his/her personal license and vice-versa.