Block to/ from Excel® and more...


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Multi file version, processing speed boost

Simple solution for complicated Title block automation filling  (usually solved with sheet set fields before)

Multi files processing mode: it's not necessary to open drawing on-screen or manually select Excel data range, just add files to the list, fill in parameters per file, then export or import.

30-day Trial is available. User must sign-in Autodesk parent application with the Autodesk account that did the download action to use Trial.

From version 2.0.18, 5 new options are added for better dealing with super-complicated block.  The first 2 options help hiding invisible attributes & custom (dynamic) properties while exporting, the 3rd option is for block with geometric constraints, the last 2 options makes it possible to apply values from Block properties table & Lookup tables while importing.

From version 2.0.10, 2 new options:  "Unique Header" and "Multi blocks export per drawing" are added.  The result of Export action now look nearly the same as Data Extraction command's result. Dynamic block with multiple visibility states also better supported.

From version 2.0.1, a new option "Single worksheet" is provided to allow users combining all title block attributes from hundreds of single-sheet drawings into ONE worksheet; No more puzzling Sheet set fields... Excel Autofill will do that for you.

Active drawing processing mode: the drawing should be active, Excel data range should be pre-selected before export or import.

Free Version:  A powerful update for old ATTIN, ATOUT commands, with block coordinates included.

Feb 28th, 2023:  Update to support AutoCAD® 2024

Feb 27th, 2023:  Available in BricsCAD® V20 to V23 64-bit (Experimental App)

Additional information data (X, Y, Z and Layout name) from block references are extracted, which ease the sorting works in Excel before using AutoFill

This Macro true value lies in the fact that:  All the boring/repeating text works in AutoCAD can be fulfilled with the help of the magic Excel Autofill - provided that you find a proper way to put those text in Block Attributes

Another example: Create & update crosshair block refs.

Without the help of Civil 3D or Land Desktop, to create/update crosshair may consume lots of time. With AutoCAD only, it may required a combination works of such commands as: ATTOUT, DATAEXTRACTION then ATTIN. 

With the help of this "Block info to/from Excel" macro, you only spend time to build the template for the first time.  The next time work is to update coordinate values only