To use LISP in your native language, you need: 

1. AutoCAD® 2021 + OR AutoCAD® LT 2024+


If you're not a developer, then you need to find some free source code. Free Lisp source code file (.LSP) can be downloaded from:

Thank Lee Mac, thank Gilles Chanteau for their generosity.  Lee Mac also has a "Terms of Use" that you need to agree.


A unicode Text Editor is required.  Notepad++ is recommended 

It is free and capable of display LISP syntax

Do not paste the entire Lisp text to Google Translate.  The Translate engine will translate all the Lisp keywords (which are in English). AutoCAD will consider Lisp file with translated keyword as syntax-error

GREEN text is comment

Just ignore it.

Don't touch blue and black text

GREY text between quotes is translatable content

Choose which grey text to translate 

Some grey text is essential content of Lisp source and cannot be translated.

The rule of thumb is:

"\n[C]urve Aligned, [R]eplace, R[o]tate CCW[<] / CW[>], [T]oggle Count, [I]ncrement\n"

should be rewrite as follow:

"\n[C]Curve Aligned, [R]Replace, [o]Rotate CCW[<] / CW[>], [T]Toggle Count, [I]increment\n"

and translated to French:

"\n[C]Courbe alignée, [R]Remplacer, [o]Rotation CCW[<] / CW[>], [T]Basculer le nombre, [I]incrémenter\n"

Lee Mac's Incremental Numbering Suite v3.9


For anyone that hasn't used this super powerful Lisp before: Incremental Numbering Suite enables the user to dynamically place incrementing alphabetical or numerical text in a drawing, with a range of positioning utilities and an optional prefix and/or suffix....

The free English source code can be downloaded from here

We 've tried to make a draft translation from the original English source code to the following languages:

All are displayed properly in AutoCAD (English version) 2021 to 2024, AutoCAD LT 2024.

Please note that:  

Download link from Dropbox: