2023 support

AutoCAD® 2023 support for  comsDrawIt! 

About comsDrawIt!:   Another great FREE App of Massimo Cicognani . It is a collection of parametric functions for general-purpose profiles (L-shape, U-shape, square, etc.) and commands that will allow you to convert polylines into sheet metal sections or waterproofing membrane

About the Author: Mr. Massimo Cicognani has published a series of useful Apps with wide-range platform support since 2012.  However, on August 27th, 2021 version 1.5.2 is announced  to be "Final release. There won't be any update to 2023".  We respect Mr. Massimo Cicognani for his great, selfless contribution. It's time for him to rest, perhaps.

This short article will show you, how to make comsDrawIt! work in AutoCAD® 2023

Though this action won't do any harm to your system, it's should be aware that tip may not  always work.


Windows 64 bit, AutoCAD® 64-bit

Original ComsDrawIt! App from Autodesk App Store:

The modified "PackageContents.xml" file, download from here:


The modified PackageContents.xml" file with original installer V1.5.2 for lazy guys:

How to:  

Open Explorer, paste  "%AppData%\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\comsDrawIt.bundle" into Address bar, press Enter;

Replace the original "PackageContents.xml" in comsDrawIt.bundle folder with the modified file (download from above links);


The original installation file (.msi) and the App core files (.dll) are not digitally signed by its Author.  Be sure to download the installation file from a trusted source.

Restore the old "PackageContents.xml" in case mod action failed.

This is a mod action and not supported by the App publisher nor Autodesk® staffs.