Utilities for Autodesk® AutoCAD® 

& Civil 3D® applications


Export - Batch Edit - Import:   File Path, Sheet Number and Sheet Title to/from Excel

A Standalone application is included 

(support AutoCAD LT)

Sheet set to/from Excel - Lite (Ver 1.0.0 live)

AutoCAD LT, BricsCAD, ZWCAD... supported (by Standalone application)

Paid App, permanent license 19.99$  



Buy this App between now and August 8, 2024 and get a free gift: One perpetual license for the upcoming App: 

Sheet Set to/from Excel PRO version

Autodesk® Civil 3D® section views booster 

Individual section views creation with compacted layout, new elevation range setting method, plot paper saving, reload last settings, section viewports & layouts auto generation and more...

Advanced Batch Plot

Advanced Batch Plot (Ver 1.1.0 live)

30 day trial, permanent license:


- Print multi sheets (or frames) per layout, multi layouts per drawing and Multi drawings;

- 3 levels of page setup override;

- Automatically combined and create bookmarks in case print to PDF by a built-in AutoCAD® PDF Printer/Plotter;

- Ability to Print 1 dwg file to 1 PDF file or all dwg files to 1 PDF file;

- Automatically detect and ignore NULL sheet (frame);

- Automatically turn on/off viewports inside Plot area in case printing in Paper space;

- Output file is auto named and numbered in case print each sheet to a separated PDF/DWF/JPG/PNG file;

- DST file import;

- DSD file import;

- Printing configuration can be saved automatically or manually for reuse.

Beta version, valid until Jan, 06th 2025: 





Enhanced Block info to/ from worksheet - Multi blocks, multi drawings, single worksheet, unique header 

(version 2.0.25 is now live) - AutoCAD 2025 supported

Block instances data extraction, edit and update

Simple solution for (1) Devices' status in a circuit;  (2) Complicated Title block automation filling. 

Download link from AUTODESK App Store - Perpetual license (Paid App), 30-day free Trial




Applies for AutoCAD, AutoCAD Toolsets/ Civil 3D/ Revit/ Fusion...  In common, any Autodesk products from 2013 onwards which support Auto Loader mechanism.

You need to prepare:

1. LESSMSI:  A portable, free .MSI extractor. 

2. App installation file (in MSI format)

Follow the instruction of the video below...

Enjoy bunch of tools that you cannot install before....




Ver 1.0.8 Live


2-Group intersection Tool (Ver 1.0.8 Live)

To find intersections between 2 groups of objects is quite simple.  

The real challenge, however, lies in sorting, numbering and  

to manage these intersections for further processing.

Paid version:  Perpetual license


New Year 2024 gift from NTCL Soft

December 22nd, 2023

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Section view Elevation range and QTO Table tool (Ver 1.1.0 Live)

- Batch adjust elevation range: a new method is added since Ver 1.1.0

- Export Section view QTO material table of multi section views to Excel 

- Metric and Imperial drawings supported.

Paid version:  Perpetual license


Full function trial version, valid until Dec, 04th 2023: 




Since AutoCAD® 2021, Autodesk has introduced Microsoft Visual Studio (VS) Code as an alternative LISP Editor.  In the background, an enhanced AutoLISP engine, and a new AutoLISP compiler which fully supports Unicode has been used. The legacy AutoLISP engine and VISUAL LISP IDE are still available. Users can switch between 2 AutoLISP mode by changing LISPSYS system variable.

Also, since AutoCAD® LT 2024, Autodesk has unlocked the LISP feature for AutoCAD® LT.  Millions of LT users can now utilize the automation power of  AutoLISP , which in turn makes AutoLISP more popular.

With the new AutoLISP engine, users can use LISP in their native languages. Let's have a look....

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AutoCAD Alternatives comparison

AUTODESK® AutoCAD® is such a great software that there are so many AutoCAD alternatives. The following brand names can be mentioned: Bricsys® BricsCAD®, progesoft® progeCAD®, CIC® enjiCAD®, ZWSOFT® ZWCAD®... (Be aware that, these are not free applications) Among them, Bricsys® BricsCAD® and ZWSOFT® ZWCAD® are good candidates for their competitive price, AutoCAD most-similar and stability.

However, there are some more aspects to consider before choosing an alternative, as described in the following series... 

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Block app package  (Version 2.0.20 live) - AutoCAD 2025 supported

Combine all latest NTCL Soft Block refs. - Excel utilities in one app package, and more... 

Enhanced features that haven't been published in free version:

Download link from AUTODESK App Store: 


App is digitally signed.

Enhanced Block info to/ from worksheet - Multi blocks, multi drawings, single worksheet, unique header 

(version 2.0.18 live)

Simple solution for complicated Title block automation filling. 

Block references data extraction and insertion.

Download link from AUTODESK App Store - Perpetual license (Paid App), 30-day Free Trial


Batch create Autodesk® AutoCAD® block references of multi types at a single click with attributes, dynamic properties read from Microsoft® Excel® worksheet. Attributes' fields cloning between block references...

 App is digitally signed.

Free version: https://apps.autodesk.com/ACD/en/Detail/Index?id=7523221099334487065&appLang=en&os=Win64 

Perpetual PAID version: https://apps.autodesk.com/ACD/en/Detail/Index?id=5105879388281061869&appLang=en&os=Win64

Enhanced section views creation with compacted layout, new elevation range setting method, plot paper saving, configuration saved to file, and more....  App is digitally signed.

Block info to/ from worksheet  (version

Batch Export/Import Autodesk® AutoCAD® block references'  handles, name, coordinates, rotation angles, attributes, dynamic properties to/from Microsoft® Excel® worksheet.  

App is digitally signed.

Alignment SONE to worksheet (version live)

Batch inquiry & export Civil 3D® alignments station,offset / northing,easting to Microsoft® Excel® worksheet

App is digitally signed.