Block refs. info to/from Excel®

Multi file version, processing speed boost

Multi files processing mode: it's not necessary to open drawing on-screen or manually select Excel data range, just add files to the list, fill in parameters per file, then export or import.

From version 1.1.0, a new option "Single worksheet" is provided to allow user combining all exporting results from multi drawings into ONE worksheet;

Active drawing processing mode: the drawing should be active, Excel data range should be pre-selected before export or import.

For use in conjunction with Alignment SONE to Excel

As mentioned in the first App page, this macro can be used to produce input Northing, Easting (NE) for determining block Staion, Offset (SO)

However, this Macro true value lies in the fact that: All the boring/repeating text works in Autocad can be fulfilled with the help of the magic Excel Autofill - provided that you find a proper way to put those text in Block Attributes

Another example: Create & update crosshair block refs.

Without the help of Civil 3D or Land Desktop, to create/update crosshair may consume lots of time. With AutoCAD only, it may required a combination works of such commands as: ATTOUT, DATAEXTRACTION then ATTIN.

With the help of this "Block info to/from Excel" macro, you only spend time to build the template for the first time. The next time work is to update coordinate values only