Attribute Block refs. creation from Excel®

(Digitally signed)

Easy way to maintain data integrity between Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Microsoft® Excel®

Autodesk® AutoCAD® block & block with attributes is great; Microsoft® Excel® worksheet autofill is also marvelous. Why don't we combined them?

This App is designed to make use of both above great features in one place: You can batch create block references with attributes read from Microsoft® Excel® worksheet.

Each worksheet column can be set corresponding to an attribute tag; each worksheet row text data corresponds to a block reference attributes' values. Block references positioning parameters (insertion point (X,Y)/ station, offset) are also taken from worksheet columns.

Typical usage scenarios are

  • Insert structure block refs along profile/ alignment (eg: manhole block, pier/abutment block, culvert block, traffic sign block, tree block....)

  • Insert description/comment block refs for those structure along profile/ alignment

There are countless applications of this app, here are some of them:

  1. Spread piers along a polyline alignment based on piers distances measured from abutment A0;

  2. Spread culverts and comments along a Civil 3D alignment based on culvert station, offset;

  3. Spread water level comments along a profile view based on station, level;

  4. Spread boreholes with comments based on coordinates;

How block references are positioned

Data required for positioning block references in drawing are also retrieved from worksheet, same mechanic as attribute, except the data type is numeric. Block references can be positioned by one of the following manners:

  • (1) along a profile view;

  • (2) by X, Y coordinates values in WCS;

  • (3) along a 2D polyline;

  • (4) along a Civil 3D alignment (Option (4) only available in Autodesk® Civil 3D® application).

Coordinates issue

  • Typically, App works with World Coordinates System (WCS) and Model space.

  • If an User Coordinate System (UCS) was used in model, an implicitly transformation to WCS is applied; App also works in Paper space (Layout) or inside an active Viewport, but in such cases, it is recommended that users should double check the results before mass production.

General usage instructions:

The procedures, in brief, can be divided in 4 steps:

  1. Defined a block (with or without attributes) then run this App;

  2. Pre-selected data range (rows & columns) in Microsoft® Excel® worksheet. Press "Activate Excel" to find out which instance is linked (usually the last open worksheet);

  3. Select macro mode (A) and match block refs. positioning parameters with Excel columns (B);

  4. (Optional) Match attributes with Excel columns (C);

Click "Insert block references" to see results.

Additional information

  • This app may works with Autodesk AutoCAD/Civil 3D/AutoCAD Map 3D/AutoCAD Architecture versions from 2015 and above.

  • From version or any Apps that published/ updated after 30/6/2022, Apps will exactly bind to their parent instance. User can open multi AutoCAD and its verticals instances of any versions;

  • Do not open more than one instances of the same version of Autodesk AutoCAD/Civil 3D/AutoCAD Map 3D/AutoCAD Architecture when using this App, otherwise this App will be tied to the first open instance. Autodesk application instances of different versions are not affected by this bug.

For example:

Case 1: You open AutoCAD 2022 first, then open Civil 3D 2022 next. You run this App from Civil 3D and see that the block name list reflects that of AutoCAD 2022 active drawing !!! This also happen if you open 2 instances of AutoCAD 2022 (I am finding a way to discard this "magic");

Case 2: You open AutoCAD 2022 first, then open Civil 3D 2021 next. Run this App from Civil 3D and App works properly with active drawing of each instance (of different versions).

Case 3: You open AutoCAD 2022, in AutoCAD you open 3 drawings. Run this App and App works properly with active drawing.

  • Version bugs fixed:

- Message "Unknown Error" or "Method not found ..." shows in 2021 version when run the App;

- Message "This App will NOT work properly if it is called from a Non-Active instance" shows in when run the App with a drawing which has Data shortcuts;

- App not works when another version of AutoCAD/Civil 3D/ AutoCAD Map 3D/AutoCAD Architecture opens at the moment between host Autodesk application open and App call;

- Block list shows with a click then disappear after mouse button releases.

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